24V wind & pv hybrid street light charge controller

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Guangdong, China (Mainland)
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solar & wind hybrid street light system
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10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
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7-15days depend on your order quantity


1. Design for off-grid wind/solar hybrid street light system.

2. Integrated design of wind controller and solar controller.
3. Applicable to different kinds of batteries .
4. PWM stepless unload mode, which burn the excess power into mosfet, making the battery charging in best status.
5. Digital intelligent control, With powerful imported MCU control as the core device .To ensure Simple peripheral circuit structure, And more flexible and powerful control method and control strategy.
6. Modular design with simple structure and easy maintenance.
7. LCD display function, visually display wind power , wind voltage , wind current , wind turbine speed ,PV power , PV voltage , PV current , battery voltage , battery power ,charge current .over voltage ,under voltage ,over load, short circuit , night mode, DC output modes etc.
8. Perfect protection function:Solar reverse charge protection, Solar reverse connection protection,Battery overcharge protection, Battery over current protection,Battery reverse connection protection, Open battery protection ,Wind turbine automatic brake and manual brake, over load protection and short circuit protection, thus the system has higher reliability.
9. TVS Lightning Protection.
10. High-voltage wind turbine intelligent buck: The buck module starts automatically when the wind turbine voltage is higher than battery voltage , The controller real-time tracks maximum power of wind turbine and Real-time limits the winding current of wind turbine .To solve the problem of overheating of wind turbine.
11. Impedance matching self-adaption :Due to internal resistance of wind turbine, battery, load, According to the impedance matching principle, The wind turbine will have maximum power utilization rate and maximum power output only when the input impedance equals to output impedance, with impedance matching self-adaption .This controller enhances energy efficiency.
12. Combine the wind turbine open circuit with dump load ,over rotational speed, over voltage, over current limitation:When the total current of wind and solar is higher than limit current point or battery is full , The PWM duty cycle of controller will be decreased untill battery is fully charged. And then controller disconnects the charging loop, the wind turbine will be on no-load operation. In order to prevent wind turbine from propeller racing .This controller is designed with over-current and over-voltage limit, Controller will automatically start PWM voltage intelligent dump-load function once wind turbine rotation speed or wind turbine voltage is  more than setting point. So avoid wind turbine constant working in dump-load status, and increase the controller service life.
13. Maximum charging current limiting for battery : User can set the battery capacity and maximum charge current according to systems’ exact configuration . To ensure the battery service life.
14. Wind turbine and solar panel is intelligent complementary and independant charging :Wind turbine and solar panel is intelligent complementary and independent charging . The solar panel adopts open circuit protection , and wind turbine adopts open circuit , over voltage ,over rotation speed and over current protection .Ensures the service life of system components .
15. The controller has two DC outputs specially designed for street light system. Each DC output has 9 modes of controlling output,including: 
 light-control on and light-control off ( L- On and L-Off)
 light-control on and time-control off (L-On and T-Off)
 time-control on and time-control off (T-Off and T-On)
 constand on
 half –power light-control on and light-off (H-L-On and L-Off) 
 half-power light-control on and time-control off ( H-L-On and T-Off)
 half-power time-control on and time-control off (H-T-ON and T-Off) 
 half-power constant on (H-Constant On) 
 constant off 
16. Wind turbine charging able or enable by manual:Turn on or turn off the charging switch by manual, The wind charging is shut off if choose switch off, The wind charging is normal if choose switch on . To avoid sparks when connection the wind turbine to controller , User can choose switch off .
17. Solar charging able or enable by manual:Turn on or turn off the charging switch by manual, The solar charging is shut off if choose switch off , The solar charging is normal if choose switch on .To avoid sparks when connection the solar panel to controller, User can choose switch off.
18. Output able or enable by manual :Turn on or turn off the switch by manual, The DC output will be shut off If choose switch off, The DC output is normal if choose switch on , To avoid sparks when connection the Loads to controller . User can choose switch off. 

Optional Functions:
1.Optional temperature compensation function.
2. Optional Boost Function.
3.Optional Buck & Boost Function. 
4. Optional RS232/RS485/USB function to communicate with computer and SD card stocks parameters automatically .